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A Note Re:COVID-19

A Message From The Owner

A note to our dear Blackbird Attic consignors & customers:



Due to recent events concerning the coronavirus, our shop doors are temporarily closed. While our doors may be closed to the public, we are making every effort to promote & sell your items online and pay you out that 40% consignor profit. (Note: certain brands and styles will sell better online)


—How to get in touch with us—

I currently do not have set work hours, so if you are looking for information regarding your consignor account, it’s best to contact me by email or instagram DM and I will reply as soon as I can.


—What’s going to happen to your unsold items?:—

We are not following the contract policies regarding donations at this time–if you cannot get to the shop to pick up your expired items, we will not be donating them until we contact and discuss with you first. If you’d like to pick up your items, please e-mail me and let me know when you will be getting them.


—How will I get paid?:—

Because we are allowing online purchases and returns (30 day), the payout process may take longer. Contact us if you’d like to know your sales settlement amount, but if you can wait on a check during this time, we’d highly appreciate it!


—Can I bring in more items to consign?—

We are holding off on accepting new items on consignment. If you have items that you think would do well for us online (designer or our preferred brands like anthropologie, free people, madewell, etc, in the current season)– you can contact me to send photos and I will let you know when I am accepting.


—How can you help us?:—

This is a very scary time for brick & mortar small businesses. Our profits are down drastically. We are not sure that online sales will sustain us. We were wholly set up as a brick & mortar shop that relied on Beacon’s heavy foot traffic. We are looking into loans, but not sure if they are right for us. 


We are trying to look at the positive side of establishing a deeper online connection with current fans as well as establishing a base with new customers we may not have reached previously.


You can view & purchase our items for sale on Instagram and Facebook currently (with plans to open an online shop). You can also purchase gift cards for future use.

We understand that everyone is currently hurting, so even if you cannot purchase from us, you can help promote us by sharing our posts on instagram or facebook. Basically– tell all your friends! 😉 We are also open to any ideas to help our business to succeed at this time.


—How does buying online work?—

We are currently posting daily on our Instagram and Facebook — with immediate plans to open an online store. We send you an invoice online to pay via your credit or debit card.


DELIVERY: You can Pick-Up Curbside (if you’re in the area for essential supplies like groceries only) OR we can Deliver for Free if you’re in Beacon (or some areas of Fishkill/East Fishkill) OR we can Ship. Currently we are offering $5 shipping per item but combine for multiple items. Follow us for other offers and deals to come.


RETURNS: We care about our customers’ safety, so would prefer not to take in returns, but we are currently allowing in the form of shop credit only- so if something doesn’t work out just right for you, you can use the money to buy something else perfect! We are allowing 30 days for returns.


IS IT SAFE?: We are doing our best to take precautions. My family has been self quarantined for a couple weeks as of 4/6.  The items in the shop at this time, have not been touched by any other hands in weeks. CDC suggests the virus dies on clothing within 3 days and also recommends washing in hot water and drying on high heat to kill the virus. If we take in new items we will ask that they are washed immediately before being brought in and stored in a new plastic bag. We will keep them in the bag for a few days before processing them.



Thank you ALL for your support, patience and understanding, while we work through this new process.  We are all navigating this crazy new way of life day by day. I truly hope you are holding up during these troubling times, while looking at the bright side of slow living– self care, personal betterment, taking in nature, catching up on home projects, and spending time with your family.



Michelle Caves-Deal

Owner, Blackbird Attic