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A Note Re:COVID-19

A Message From The Owner

August 12, 2020


Hi Blackbird friends! 


We are open! We are resuming normal hours and you can find us here every day! Safety for our staff and customers  is a top priority.  A few grounds rules & ways we are implementing a safer shopping experience:

  1.   Be patient, kind & understanding as we navigate this new normal together
  2.   Be vigilant at protecting yourself and others- we will be allowing shoppers in small numbers only, avoiding groups. 
  3.   Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet apart 
  4.   We will require you to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer upon entering and before trying on clothing.  You must keep mask on while trying on clothing.
  5.   We will disinfect tried-on clothing with sanitizing sprays and steam after each try-on, as well as spray disinfect the fitting room area
  6.   The desk area has plexi around it- please do not go behind us to the “new intakes rack”
  7.   We are running a high quality air purifier and disinfect the entire shop throughout the day
  8.   If you have a consignment appointment, you must leave the items and go wait in your car or outside. We will call when we are done.
  9.   Obvious but maybe not obvious- if there is a chance you may have been in contact with someone sick or are sick yourself, please stay home! 

Thank you and can’t wait to see you <3

Michelle & the Blackbird Team